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Windsor Homes' Realtor Rewards
Sign Up Now and Earn Points towards Gas Cards, Free Dinners, Vacations, Electronics and much, much more. Follow the steps below to participate.

1. Register for Realtor Rewards - Click Here
Note: To Register, you must be a licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of North Carolina and provide your current License #. Login to Your Account: Once you have registered and your License # has been verified you will be notified by e-mailed. You'll then use your license # and the password you supplied to login.

2. Earn Points: to earn points, you first need to become a fully qualified member of Windsor Homes Realtor Rewards. When you close on your first Windsor Home, you will be automatically qualified in the system. Once qualified, you can earn Realtor Rewards Points by completing certified events that your Windsor Homes representative will input on to your account. You can earn points doing any of the following activities; Visit a Windsor Homes Community, help a Buyer register with Windsor Homes, help a Buyer get pre-qualified with a Windsor Preferred lender, bring a Buyer to a Windsor Homes Community, help a Buyer select a floor plan and pick out options with a Windsor New Homes Consultant, etc... Click Here to see the full List.

Special Note: only a qualified Windsor employee can add events for points to a registered and active Realtor. Any fraudulent activities will forfeit a realtor's right to participate in the Realtor Rewards program.

3. Claim Prizes: Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem your points for available prizes. Click Here for a list of the ways you can spend points. To redeem points you will login to the Windsor Homes' Realtor Rewards website and you will see a drop down list of available prizes. Select your prizes and submit the form. Once your request has been verified, the appropriate person from Windsor Homes will contact you with information on how to receive your Reward. Prizes may take up to 30 - 45 days to process. (Note: A 1099 will be mailed to Realtors who claim prizes worth more than $600.00 a year)

Earn more points, get more cool stuff.

Prize offerings subject to change or cancellation without notice. Windsor Homes reserves the right to select and purchase all prizes. Starting January 1, 2017 all new Realtor Reward members must close on a Windsor Home to be qualified to earn points. As of January 1, 2014 All realtor rewards points older than 12 months will expire. Realtor Rewards program is subject to change and cancellation without notice.  If Realtor Rewards program is cancelled, all points will expire immediately. Must be a licensed and active real estate agent at time of redemption. Points are not transferable. Annual redemption of total prize values amounting to $600 or more will receive a 1099. Agent’s responsibility for all prize disclosures to buyer/client. Restrictions may apply.