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Windsor Homes Realtor Reward Program

All information contained herein or enclosed herewith is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed and is subject to change without notice.

Windsor Homes Realtor Rewards Program

Qualified Event List for Realtors participating in the Windsor Homes Realtor Rewards Program

1. Register for Windsor Homes Realtor Rewards Program (50pts)

2. Preview a Windsor Homes Community (25pts)

3. Bring and Register a Realtor at a Windsor Community (25pts)

4. Become a Fan of Windsor's Realtor Rewards Page on Facebook (25pts)

5. Introduce and Register a Prospect with a Windsor Homes Representative (50pts)

6. Attend a Windsor Homes Realtor Event (50pts)

7. Submit a Quote for a Presale in a Windsor Community (75pts)

8. Write an Accepted Contract on a Windsor Home (250pts)

9. Close a Contract on a Windsor Home (750pts)

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